Friday, 30 July 2021

Back the Boundary Review

The Hexham Constituency is currently significantly smaller than other constituencies, and therefore must expand in size.

The proposals set out by the independent Boundary Commission for England expands the current constituency to include Callerton and Throckley, parts of Ponteland, and the Longhorsley Northumberland County Council Division.

The review aims to ensure that every constituency in the country has roughly the same number of voters, ensuring every vote has equal weight. The proposals do not affect the services provided by Northumberland County Council.

I am urging local communities to back the new constituency boundary proposals set out by the Boundary Commission for England. Whilst the ideal situation would be for the Hexham Constituency to remain unchanged, this is clearly not possible. 

As our local MP, I support the sensible additions of Callerton, Throckley, Longhorsley and parts of Ponteland to our constituency. Previous reviews have seen parts of Ponteland merged with Newcastle and I am delighted the Boundary Commission have listened and these proposals have been stopped.

The public consultation on the Boundary Commission for England's suggested new constituencies closes at midnight on 2nd August.

You can submit a response to the proposals here-