Monday, 28 February 2022

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Putin's invasion is a clear violation of international law, and it is only right that the UK stands with Ukraine, and our allies, in solidarity against this brutal dictator.

The Government’s package of sanctions, will inflict economic pain on Putin. The sanctions have hit more than 100 Russian companies and oligarchs at the heart of Putin’s regime have been hit with sanctions worth 100s of billions of pounds, as well as asset freezes and travel bans. 

The Government has worked closely with the US and the EU to ensure that key Russian banks are cut off from the main international payment system, SWIFT, and the Chancellor has acted decisively to ban British citizens and businesses from making transactions with the Russian central bank. 

Ministers are working around the clock with their international counterparts to further strengthen sanctions and the UK Government has been clear that nothing is off the table when it comes to punishing Putin for his actions. 

I want to pay tribute to the brave Ukrainians who, right now, are fighting not only for their lives, but for the very freedom of their country. I am incredibly proud of the British effort to support them in this struggle. The UK armed forces have directly trained 22,000 Ukrainian Troops through Operation Orbital and have sent defensive military aid directly to Ukraine, and troops from Albermarle Barracks in Northumberland are currently supporting NATO on the Estonian border with Russia.  

There can be no doubt of our resolve to do everything we can to thwart Putin’s aggression. Diplomatically, economically, and militarily, he must suffer for his actions, so that freedom and democracy prevails over tyranny. 

Last week, I appeared on ITV Around the House, where I spoke about how troops from Albemarle Barracks in Northumberland are supporting NATO forces in Estonia. The episode can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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