Thursday, 10 January 2013

Gilsland Station Reopening plan gets 1 step closer

I try and write regularly on transport matters because they are genuinely very important. Whether it is Torchgate, road improvements, or rail franchising the fact is that transport really matters locally. And this is without taking into account the constant need to address the problems locally with gritting on winter roads, cleaning of gulleys, and so many more things that people write in to me in the House of Commons on transport issues. Virtually not a week goes by without us receiving a steady stream of transport issues concerning local problems.

We have long been trying to persuade Network Rail and Northern Rail to look at reopening Gilsland Station. It was the second key issue raised when we met with the Northern Rail team last autumn at the Valley, and it would clearly transform the tourist, travel, business and other prospects of the very western area of the County.  Rory Stewart, my neighbouring MP also supports the plan. I am a big supporter of the Tyne Valley Rail Users Group and welcome their lead, and will be contributing to the feasibility study. There is a case to be made not least because there have been persistent problems with buses in the area, and the tourism busineses which I know well would be very pleased. Anyone who walks the Hadrians Wall or Pennine Way would in particular be delighted.
The Courant has a fuller report on the developments:

I urge people to make their views known locally.