Saturday, 12 January 2013

Who views the Blog?

I have recently done some analysis of latest page views of the blog:
It makes for fascinating reading:
Pageviews by Countries:

United Kingdom - 88,390
United States - 25,789
Norway - 9630
Germany - 3288
Russia - 3605
France -2605
Netherlands - 864
Ukraine -814
Switzerland -657
Argentina - 608
As well as an increasing following in Asia, the Gulf and some in Ireland, Sweden and increasingly in India.
A big thank you to one and all and let me know if you want changes made.


  1. I'm quite bemused by where my blog hits come from, as it's entirely parochial and sometimes no more than a comment on my personal day to day stuff. I cannot imagine what would be of any interest, outside of Marlborough, but hits include UK, US, France, Spain, Germany Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, Bermuda, India, Poland, Singapore, Netherlands and Philippines! How on earth does that work? Still enjoy tweets and blog, particularly recent Dementia Speech. No changes required as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Are you sure they aren't search spiders indexing your page?

    I'm no expert, but do the logs show O/S and browser version - that may shed some light on it.