Friday, 12 April 2013

Karen Allen selected as candidate for South Shields

Local woman Karen Allen is up and running straight away and campaigning tomorrow in South Shields, following David Miliband's decision to seek pastures new in New York.
The Shields Gazette reported her selection as follows:

"Karen Allen was born and raised in South Shields, and said she was “absolutely over the moon” at being selected to represent the party.

Ms Allen finished second to Mr Miliband in the 2010 election – polling 7,886 votes or 21.6 per cent of the total vote.
Now, she says she is once again ready to hit the campaign trail in a bid to convince the people of South Shields she is the right woman for the job.
She said: “A by-election is always an exciting and interesting campaign and it is going to be an intensive few weeks.
“I feel South Shields has been neglected by Labour for a number of years. Last time they catapulted in a rising star with ministerial posts which kept him busy.
“During my last campaign one of my biggest issues was King Street. There are still a lot of boarded-up shops and that needs to be addressed.”
Speaking passionately about the town where she grew up, Ms Allen, who attended Harton Comprehensive School, added: “We have such a beautiful coastline and some of the friendliest people in the country.

“If I am lucky enough to be selected, representing the town would be such an honour.

“There is so much to South Shields. It is such a unique place and for all the right reasons.”
Ms Allen, who runs a weekly reading project at a school helping young people, added: “I really do want to give it my all. It is a different playing field now. There is a woman going up against a woman for a start. I am really excited about the campaign.

“I’m hoping to build on what I achieved at the last election, to show that the Conservatives are in South Shields, we are committed and we want to reach out to the electorate we haven’t reached.
“I think there is everything to play for and there is no reason why South Shields cannot have their first Conservative MP. I would love to be that person to represent my home town.”

I urge everyone to come and give her a hand - particularly on the Saturday Action Days on April 20th and 27th when we will meet at 10.30 in the Asda car park in the centre of town. She is a brilliant candidate - locally born, went to school here, and knows South Shields inside out.