Monday, 21 April 2014

Hehxam Book Festival starts in a few days but some tickets still available

The festival starts very soon on the 24th April but some events to see, hear and meet some amazing writers are still available - all details on the website:

At the same time it is worth pointing out that various people are doing a series on the greatest novels of all time. Surely "Literature" is the book that the reader wants, and most importantly reads. There is no greatest ever novel - just the book that you or your child considers a classic.
But ...  I attach below one greatest ever list of the 20 British and Irish novels. Many would agree that Great Expectations, and Middlemarch should be on such a list but good also to see The New Confessions, Wolf Hall, and even Jilly Cooper's Riders! A book is great if it makes you or your child read! And if you want to give someone a present this Easter - give a book! Preferably from our two wonderful local independent bookshops in Hexham and Corbridge
The full list is below but try and go along and support your local book festival: