Monday, 7 April 2014

Riding Mill this Thursday - A Debate on how we achieve a sustainable low carbon energy enviroment

This Thursday in Riding Mill at 6.45 there is the latest debate organised by the St James Forum, on how we achieve a sustainable low carbon energy environment, featuring two of our best local experts in Tynedale. 
Past discussions have included debates on Genetic Technologies, Stem Cell Technologies, the Israeli view of the West Bank issues, the banking crisis, farming issues and so on. The Speakers are two experts - Bob Hull, who worked for the European Commission on sustainable energy issues, and both the Higher Education Funding Council and the Council of Newcastle University specialising in low carbon energies, will be debating with Malcolm Reid, who is a tireless campaigner on energy issues, including working with Bob on the Hexham Hydro Project; both are very active in the wonderful Transition Tynedale.

The format for the evening is speakers and food, followed by an open discussion. The evening is in the Parish Hall Riding Mill and begins at 6.45pm - ending at about 9.15pm. If you have not been you should go this Thursday.