Friday, 15 August 2014

Referendum Road Trip 2014 on 30th August to help save the Union! Join us on the battlebus!

On Saturday 30th August, myself and Newcastle Conservatives are teaming up to take a mini bus of United Kingdom activists to Scotland to help save the Union.

Referendum Day will be just 19 days away!
You do not have to be a big or small c Conservative to come. We welcome everyone, form all political parties  and all persuasions. Several people have signed up who are definitely not Conservatives. But we are all committed to the Union and believe we are better together.

Spaces are limited so please book your place in advance before 24th August with Catherine MacLeod: or 0750 0080 596

It will be fascinating and a lot of fun.
It is your country.
If you live in England you do not have a vote but you do have the opportunity to make a difference. Come with us and tell the many Scots we intend to talk to that they are better off saying "No Thanks" to Alex Salmond.