Monday, 18 May 2015

A packed week in the Commons:- Speakers election, swearing in, and much to do

Monday sees the Speakers election, which is a centuries old tradition worth watching on the parliament channel shortly after 2.30. John Bercow is likely to be re-elected. The deputy speakers are chosen the following week as I understand it.

Tuesday to Thursday sees the 650 MPs from the PM downwards taking the oath of allegiance, and being welcomed by the Speaker. I plan to try and swear in sometime between 5-7 on Tuesday afternoon.

There will also be the start of elections and hustings for the House of Commons select committees, and other committees, over the next few weeks. Select committees have great power and are very important as scrutinisers of government, as creative bodies providing an alternative view of a department, and as a breeding ground for specialists. Many of the new 2015 intake will be trying to get on to select committees. They are all chosen by secret ballot;

We are still getting on top of the casework and constituent requests that came in over the election period which I was unable or prevented from auctioning but we are getting there. Like all MPs I have to hire staff, reset up offices, organise diaries and start the process of being an MP again. It is easier the second time but still far from simple.

Over the next two weeks I am also getting used to my new job as a whip and meeting my charges. Much to do.