Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Why is Labour so anti SME / business / enterprise? Thoughts of David Miliband and Alan Sugar are telling

The few business leaders the labour party did have as supporters are now resigning. This from Alan Sugar, who is disillusioned with its "negative business policies" and "anti-enterprise concepts":

Separately yesterday David Miliband, the former South Shields MP and Cabinet Minister under Blair + Brown was quoted in the Independent as follows:
"David Miliband has criticised his brother's leadership of the Labour party, saying he failed to do enough to woo the middle classes.
He said Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband had "allowed themselves to be seen as moving backwards from the principles of aspiration and inclusion which are at the heart of progressive modern politics."
But he ruled himself out of running for the Labour leadership himself and refused to be drawn on who he believed was best to take over from his brother."

David Miliband added:
“I think there is no point in blaming the electorate. Any suggestion that they didn't quite get it is wrong. They didn't want what was being offered."
David Miliband delivers a sobering analysis of his brother Ed's failed bid for Number 10