Thursday, 26 November 2015

PM in Commons on Syria today this morning as William Hague writes a persuasive column advocating action v Isil

Today the PM will come to the Commons and take questions from all sides as to the governments approach to action against Isil. As always he will take questions from all sides.
At the same time William Hague has written a robust piece in the telegraph as to why he supports action:


  1. Please Guy, don't vote for air strikes on Syria, so many specialists including former British ambassadors and Army figures are saying it simply won't work. We need to start to tackle IS by cutting off their funding and media machine, this would be much more effective. We also need to fight extremism here at home, in the UK and Europe. Most of the Paris attackers, Lee Rigby's killers and all of the London 7/7 bombers were homegrown, from Belgium, France or the UK. Air strikes on Syria will not stop similar attacks by European extremists as they are based here.

  2. Guy, I urge you to vote against bombing Syria. It will lead to more and more violence. Escalation. More hatred of us in the West. More deaths all round. Please don't just vote because your party says you should. Thanks. Donald.

  3. Dear Laura and DG, Have a read in detail of my most recent blog on this issue for the governments position and full explanation: