Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Scottish, Welsh, local, PCC + Mayoral elections are the key focus till May 5

In less than 2 months we will have 5 sets of key elections that will determine the direction of travel for our United Kingdom, and none of these involve the EU.
I am a committed unionist and will continue to campaign for Ruth Davidson and her band of Scottish brothers and sisters in the Scottish Conservatives, who are providing a unionist, fiscally strong, socially liberal alternative to the SNP, and the ever more leftwards lean of the Scottish Labour Party. I have already been once these last few months to help John Lamont, MSP, my neighbouring conservative over the border at Carter Bar, and will go again with supporters before May.

Anyone who was at our rally last Saturday to hear Ruth speak will understand why we support Ruth and her team so much:

Later this month of March I will give 24 hours of time and support to some of the key Welsh Conservative candidates like Andrew Atkinson, who is contesting the key Welsh Assembly seat of Wrexham.

I have a good friend in the Commons in Zac Goldsmith, and was one of those who say him down and encouraged him to run for Mayor. The fate of London is key to the economic and general outcome for this country and I am certain that Jeremy Corbyn's mate, Sadiq Khan, is not the answer for London. I will be giving more time to campaign for Zac in the coming months, when I am down in Westminster, whether that is by telephone canvassing, morning leafleting at tube stations or physical door knocking when time allows.

Closer to home we have the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner elections and in former policeman, Stewart Hay, locals in my Hexham constituency have a great choice.

And finally we are in Northumberland are playing our part in helping support the hard work of the Newcastle Conservatives who are trying to provide a sensible, robust alternative to the Labour dominance of Newcastle.

Our country does face a Euro referendum in June, but for this Conservative MP that referendum comes second to the need to help strong Conservative candidates get elected in May. My advice to all activists is what all steeplechase jockeys are taught - jump the fence in front of you - not the ones further down the track. There will be time enough for the Euro campaign after May 5. My job till May is to get Conservatives elected.