Sunday, 13 March 2016

Westminster this week - from investigatory powers to brain tumour research to the energy bill - a busy week

Debates this week include the Energy Bill, and the Investigatory Powers Bill, and then several days of the Budget debate, which follows the chancellors announcement on Wednesday at 12.30.
I have the graveyard shift of the final session of the day as the whip on duty this week so I will be in the house till gone 10.30 on Monday in particular. I have meetings with everyone from the BBC to local anti alcohol campaigners. But I am particularly looking forward to providing support to the Ridley family who are coming to Westminster for the launch of the inquiry and report into brain tumour research and funding on Monday afternoon. They are one of many families, clinicians and interested parties who are attending Westminster. 
As someone who has been through this in 2011 when I successfully had a meningioma removed by a craniotomy in an NHS hospital I have seen all aspects of this terrible disease, and raised funds for it after the event. The disease is notoriously hard to treat and I was very lucky. We need to do more to create specialist hubs of excellence and then provide the services they need. 
I have raised money in the past but there is always more to do: