Friday, 29 April 2016

An impassioned and positive brain tumour debate in Parliament last week

The Brain Tumour Debate in Parliament last week was a very moving and positive one. It involved excellent interventions from across the House, and strong, clear commitments from the Government to look to redress the balance in funding, towards this vital cause.

In my view, every type of cancer research is incredibly important. However at the moment there is an imbalance. Funding may be increasing, but this needs to de directed more towards investigating brain tumours. However to do this the applications need to be better, the charities and hospitals need to work collectively with centres of excellence, and we have to make the case to the clinicians who allocate funding better. I'm a survivor, and it’s vital that more people can state that in the years to come.
The full debate and closing comments from the Health Minister, George Freeman MP, can be found here, and are worth a read: