Sunday, 17 April 2016

Skylarks, Golden Plovers, and Curlews: Summer is on its way, and our local birds are out reminding us of the immense natural beauty of Northumberland

We are very fortunate in our part of the world, to be surrounded by such a wealth of natural wildlife. Northumberland is home to the northernmost national park in England: Northumberland National Park, covering a quarter of the whole county; as well as the largest forest in England: Kielder Water and Forest Park.

As we approach summer, I personally, and I am sure many others lucky enough to live in these parts, are reminded of the abundance of natural wonders on offer, by the appearance of many of our local, and seasonal bird species.
Skylark [Courtesy of]
Skylarks, Golden Plovers, Curlews are all local treasures and now as we approach the summer months, this an ideal time to go and see them. Skylarks, as seen in the picture to the right, can often be heard in the hay meadows around Greenhaugh.

Curlew [Courtesy of]
Golden Plovers, just a little smaller than a lapwing, specifically come up to our moorlands for the summer, from their winter coastal, and farmland habitats.  Curlews, are synonymous with Northumberland, being the emblem of Northumberland National Park, and with the National Park providing a haven for the threatened species.

Seasoned bird spotter, or amateur nature enthusiast, it makes no matter. Northumberland is a great place to see these wonderful birds, and experience some truly breath-taking natural scenery, and wildlife.