Sunday, 29 May 2016

Cycling in Northumberland is going from strength to strength - the Sandstone Way adds to this

Recently I got the chance to ride the Sandstone Way, the epic journey from Hexham to Berwick by cycle route, cross country and forest trails, cycle paths, and quiet back routes. It is a wonderful thing to do with beautiful views, great stopping points, easy navigation due to the great signage and some spectacular climbs and ascents. I have never been on a cycle route like it, and am eternally grateful to the Tyne Valley Mountain Bike Club for letting me join them. A short report of the routes progress, the numbers of people who are using it and thereby boosting the rural economy, and the sheer fun of the trip are found in this good report by the Journal.
We are slowly making progress on the provision of greater cycling provision in Northumberland. I look enviously at what Newcastle has achieved with significant government support, and await the changes we all seek from NCC. For my part I am doing all I can to support the various cycle routes, the pubs and tea rooms that so depend on them and the expansion of cycling across Northumberland. I am not doing the Dunwich Dynamo this summer but have signed up to the Ride100, raising money for Brain Tumour Research, which is a pretty ardous cycle project for the summer.