Monday, 9 May 2016

PM security speech and my thoughts on our need to work together with our EU partners to overcome terrorism

The attacks in Paris and Brussels are a reminder that we face this threat in Europe together. We cannot just build a wall at Dover and hope these threats go away. I take our ongoing security very seriously, and a joint approach is always better than a disjointed approach.

We are better together, with much closer security cooperation between our European nations becoming ever more essential. This is the view of the Home Secretary, and only yesterday, Jonathan Evans and John Sawers, former heads of MI5 and MI6 respectively, stated unequivocally that Britain is safer inside the European Union.

The immediate threat has both grown, and it has changed in its nature, and we will only succeed in overcoming it by working much more closely together.
On issues of security it would be madness to leave Europe.
The BBC take on this and the report of both sides is here: