Monday, 27 June 2016

Back in Westminster - time to stabilise the ship. No 2nd EURef - government goes on

The chancellor has made a positive statement about the future this morning; like him I campaigned for us to remain, but the British people have spoken, and there was a decisive decision on Thursday. We will not be having a second referendum - you cannot pick and choose the bits of democracy you like or dislike. My fundamental job going forward is to ensure this change is managed well, that we bring the country together and make sure that Britain thrives going forward. That will mean working as a team, working with people who took a differing view to me on the EU referendum and being a public servant, and a representative for all the community I represent. In reality, nothing changes to my approach but clearly the issues that need to be addressed have certainly got more complex.
The BBC report is here
On the process of the UK's departure from the EU, the chancellor said: "Only the UK can trigger Article 50. And in my judgement, we should only do that when there is a clear view about what new arrangements we are seeking with our European neighbours. 
"In the meantime, during the negotiations that will follow, there will be no change to people's rights to travel and work and to the way our goods and services are traded or to the way our economy and financial system is regulated."

It was also good to see and read Boris being very positive and pro European this morning:

In other news the Labour Party is in meltdown. This is a bizarre world when 12 shadow cabinet members resign and a labour MP called Lady Nugee is their shadow foreign secretary.


  1. Not sure how the Lady's name is relevant to her qualification for the job?

  2. What is so bizarre about Lady Nugee being shadow foreign secretary? Why single her out? I found your remark horrible and quite Nameist!!

  3. Leaving the EU is a decision of such magnitude for the UK that it is profoundly undemocratic to make such an important decision on a wish expressed by only 37% of the electorate overall.

  4. Can you cut the intra and inter party politics and get on with sorting the country out? You are an MP - do your job. Stop squabbling in the Westminster bubble.

  5. A 52 - 48 split is not a 'decisive decision'. Polling shows that many now regret that decision, that younger people (i.e. the most affected) overwhelmingly voted to remain, and that approximately 37% of the electorate voted to leave. You're job as an MP is to stick up for what you believe to be best for your constituents. In light of the now clearly false claims made by the leave campaign, you should vote against the November 2016 European Communities Act (Repeal) Bill. Stick up for Hexham Mr. Opperman

  6. People voted to leave the EU. The Remainers need to accept the result.