Sunday, 3 July 2016

If I was partisan Corbyn stays. This chart of the shadow ministerial team shows why he must go

This is the list of labour shadow ministers as of Thursday. There have been further resignations since. If I was partisan I would revel in a Labour Party utterly opposed to their leader, and a man who cannot lead. But the key point is that I as a government whip, and as an MP who wants to get stuff done openly acknowledge that the country needs a proper opposition, which acts as a critical friend of government policy and legislation, and works together for the common good. Hilary Benn is the obvious labour leader they should pick.

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  1. As more a Labour supporter and voter I totally agree with you. The country needs an effective opposition not only to hold the government to account but to put forward an alternative platform from government. Under this Labour leader we as a country are getting neither. The Parliamentry Labour Party are more inclined to do everything possible to get Corbyn to resign for if a contest is held he would probably again win meaning the end and split of the Labour Party and perhaps a vacuum in British democracy at a time we need it most of all.
    Alistair Campbell said during the week that Corbyn and his wing of the party have no real interest in power! All they want to do is moan and complain and put no alternative view forward. A bit like Marx's critisicm of Capital yet he never put up an alternative.
    Labour was set up as a party to get a fair day's wage for a fair days work and also fair conditions when other parties did nothing. Other parties now do things and some do ask is there really any need for a Labour party today? Are not workers rights championed in the other parties at Westminster today? Whatever the position Labour need rid of Corbyn and a change in their leadership rules. It is all right having the backing of the grassroots but you don't hold office with them.
    With regard to your party's leadership election the only canditate that shines forth to me is Theresa May. I think she has the charism, intelligence and above all calm that the country so needs at this time. I think she would attract a lot of floating voters. Gove might have won a Leave vote in the referendum but after the amount of times he said he didn't want to be PM coupled with his back stabbing of Boris I don't think the country would trust him or like his flavour of Blue!