Tuesday, 5 July 2016

William Hague article on the brave new world where there are no leavers or remainers now

You don't pick and choose the bits of democracy you like or dislike. The reality is that the country voted and we must abide by that. We are not leave or remain anymore. We are all together going to make this new arrangement work:

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  1. Why is it that ex-con and lab PMs and MPs feel the need to keep voicing their opinion!! If they wanted to remain in the Commons then they should have stood for
    re-election! Why do all parties feel
    the need to keep promoting these
    ex-politians opinions?! I always
    remember William Hague
    campaigning in aGeneral Election in a baseball cap..not a good look!!
    Probably contributed to him losing!
    People are interested and concerned with the present day, and not with the opinions of past leaders eg. Tony Blair, William Hague, John Major etc