Sunday, 14 August 2016

Who will labour choose as their next leader? What does Hexham think of Corbyn?

Curious to see the views of the Hexham locals - notably the Labour + Momentum members. Are you Corbynites? Or are you persuaded by Owen Smith? It is clear from Westminster and locally to re elect Corbyn would be a big mistake but it does appear he is going to win.
This is a report from the Guardian of the recent Gateshead hustings:


  1. Owen Smith has copied Corbyn in his policies, why is he more acceptable /electable ?

  2. Owen Smith's policies are straight out of the 1970s:

    Reintroducing Wages Councils to boost pay above the minimum wage in sectors such as retail and care
    Minimum guaranteed working hours and the abolition of zero hours contracts
    Scrapping trade union reforms that curb the ability of unions to call strikes
    To abolish the Department for Work and Pensions, replacing it with a Ministry of Labour and a Department for Social Security
    Build 1.5 million homes over five years
    Reverse cuts to capital gains tax and inheritance tax
    No more cuts to corporation tax
    Same rights for agency workers as full time workers
    Workers to be placed on company remuneration committees

    Corbyn or Smith, it really doesn't matter 'cos they're both the same - unfunded popularist promises that they can't keep, regressive taxes on businesses undermining the country's ability to create jobs, and renationalisation of trains and buses.

    In fact, this isn't 1970s socialism, it's 1940s socialism. The problem with such policies is that the Left think it's ok to tax one group of people to pay, not for the poor, but for the Left's vanity projects. The country can't go on doing this, so I'm pleased that Mrs May has put a question mark over Hinkley Point - now it's time for a fundamental spending review, revisiting again all of the most expensive projects that have slipped through in the last ten years, which wouldn't have passed any form of 'reasonableness' text in the real world.

    Go on, Guy, encourage Theresa to be brave and bold!