Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Focus on... Corbridge

There's always plenty to do in Corbridge- whether you're a fan of the outdoors, interested in history, or just want some peace and quiet, you're sure to find something for you!

Corbridge is known for its great variety of small businesses and local shops, making it a fantastic place for some shopping whilst also supporting the local economy! Meanwhile, the town itself is just a short walk from the riverside so it is the perfect place for a peaceful walk to take in the beautiful scenery of Corbridge.

Corbridge is also notable for its fascinating history. The town was once a garrison town for Roman soldiers and its houses are built from stone from the old Roman town of Corstopitum. Today you can explore what was once the Roman town and supply base, as well as learn all about Roman life, at the Corbridge Roman town and museum, which is also home to the amazing Corbridge Hoard, one of the most incredible discoveries ever found around Hadrian's Wall. It's definitely worth a visit! And from a slightly later period of history, Aydon Castle is a fantastic 13th century manor house and makes for a great day out.

A wonderful place for a day out- why not visit Corbridge this weekend and find out for yourself what the town has to offer?!