Sunday, 2 February 2020

Roman history gifted to the nation

English Heritage cares for some of our constituency’s most important sites, including Housesteads, Corbridge and Chesters Roman Forts and significant portions of Hadrian’s Wall. In January, English Heritage took responsibility for caring for yet another historic site in the Hexham constituency; following a generous gift from local landowner Jennifer Du Cane, Carrawburgh Roman Fort is now an English Heritage site.

Carrawburgh is one of 16 forts along Hadrian’s Wall. The fort housed a garrison of around 500 soldiers- first from South West France and later from Southern Belgium- responsible for defending the frontier of the Roman Empire from the tribes to the north. Carrawburgh sits between Chesters and Housesteads. 

As an English Heritage site, Carrawburgh will be open to the public, with entrance free of charge. For more information, visit