Thursday, 30 January 2020

Giving thanks to our armed forces

Yesterday marked 164 years since Queen Victoria instituted Britain's highest military decoration, the Victoria Cross, which is awarded for outstanding bravery on the field of battle. The metal from which the medals are struck is either from Russian cannon captured at the Siege of Sevastopol or other cannons. Only 1355 VCs have been awarded since 1856- 11 were awarded for the defence of Rorke's Drift in the Zulu wars 141 years ago this week.

Bravery comes in many forms. Locally in Northumberland I commemorate Private Fred Dobson of Ovingham. Private Dobson twice volunteered to go out under heavy fire to bring in two wounded men at Chavonne in France in September 1914. Today, there is a memorial stone to Private Dobson outside St Mary's Church in Ovingham.

Thank you to all those our armed forces and all those who risk their lives to protect us.