Sunday, 21 December 2008

Hexham Abbey Sunday Service

I went to the service at Hexham Abbey this morning.
I arrived a little late to see about 25 children gambolling across the lawn, like spring lambs at play, on their way to make their Christingle candles.
The church was packed and there was an interesting sermon from Audrey Elkington comparing the National Lottery to life – much use of the phrase “it could be you” and what it meant to all of us.
Shortly before the end of the service, in came all the children to the front of the church, where they lit their candles. At this Canon Graham Usher warned “and this is the part where the fire officer has given me strict instructions!” A collective intake of breath from all of the adults followed, but the lighting ceremony passed off without incident, and the children held their candles while we sang the last carol. You could not fail to be moved: a genuine sense of Christmas washed over everyone.
It was great to see all the families in church. Afterwards many stayed on for coffee and I got a chance to learn more about the Hexham Abbey visitor centre project from one of the Treasurers.