Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas Get Together

The chairman of the local Conservative Association, Bev Nelson, invited all the Conservative councillors in the area and everyone who was involved in the candidate selection process. The group was a collection of councillors from all over, including Bellingham, Ponteland, Allendale and Hexham town itself, with a great turnout and a good atmosphere. There is a real sense of the way forward within this group, and a determination to make the best of a bad lot - namely the demise of Tynedale Council and the birth of the new unitary council – with all its problems.

Afterwards Angus Nelson cooked supper for Karen and I, Bev, and Allan Deane, the local area agent and his partner Jules. Both Jules and Karen and were putting in impassioned pleas for a dog for Christmas, but these were firmly vetoed by Allan and I.