Thursday, 17 December 2009

ID Cards - even the minister forgets her ID card

So ID Cards are not dead after all ...just resting in Liverpool. Or not as the case may be - I attach the following memorable clip from the hapless minister for ID Cards, as reported elsewhere...
Where Are Your Papers?

In a gaffe worthy of Nicola Murray and the DoSaC team from the The Thick of It, the stasi-esque titled Identity Minister, Meg Hillier, turned up to an ID card unveiling in Liverpool without her ID card. As the Liverpool Post reports:
The former journalist and mother patted herself down and checked her handbag for the missing card before putting the slip-up down to the demands of looking after her baby. She then posed in front of the city’s landmark Liver Buildings alongside the vast River Mersey without her card.
What a fantastic advertisement for those simple and effective cards that make life and travel so much easier. Hillier was there to encourage residents of the North West to take up the scheme but in one cock-up has summed up just how pointless it is.