Monday, 14 December 2009

Riding Mill Village Hall + Get Together

Have spent much of last week in Riding Mill: on Thursday I was invited to meet around 50 of the villagers who grilled me for in excess of 2 hours on all subjects from the economy, to local health and care provision. It was a good evening, with lots of the locals keen to get involved in the forthcoming campaign .Then on Saturday we were invited to the opening of the new Village Hall - which has been built largely by Eric, the local master builder, and his son Ben. The quality of the build is amazing and the sense of community as villagers walked around the new facility on Saturday morning was wonderful to see. Eric insited on showing us around - and explaining the porcelain floor and giving us the tour of the bathrooms - of which he is inordinately proud! It is true to say that few hotels have bathrooms / toilets as glamorous or well made as these!