Monday, 5 July 2010

Saturday 3rd July

Nice early start at 9am for our Supermarket Surgery. This time it was Waitrose in Ponteland with all four Ponteland Councillors; Mel, Peter, Veronica and Richard - all of them know their patch like the the back of their hand.

I like to try and do a mixture of Supermarket Surgeries, Office Surgeries, some down in the Community Centre and house visits as it means you get the best coverage of the constituency. Hexham is a very diverse constituency with many different people who all have different lives so this mix and match approach seems to work best.

Then it off for a cup of coffee and chat at the Merton Hall coffee morning. Connie and all the ladies were on top form as ever.

Ended the day by having the honour of opening the Wark Village Fete - luckily the sun was still shining!