Saturday, 30 October 2010

Housing benefit reform

Two things to digest from the efforts to try and bring Housing Benefit under control
i). One Mp described how he had around 60 families claiming over £1000 a week net for housing benefit
ii). Labour’s demented attack on the Housing Benefit “final solution”
‘Housing Benefit will be reformed so we do not subsidise people to live in private sector accommodation on rents working families couldn’t afford’

Eminently reasonable in policy terms, £20,000 a year in rent is of course way beyond what the majority of us can afford. The quote is taken from the Labour Party manifesto, written by one Ed Miliband…

James Purnell when he was at the DWP said he wanted to ensure “people on benefits do not end up getting subsidies for rents that those who work could never afford”. Miliband claims, “That is not what they came into politics for. I hope they will vote with their consciences.”

The barefaced hypocrisy is breathtaking.