Monday, 2 June 2014

PM rightly makes the case for continued humanitarian support for those affected by Syrian crisis

I have seen the difference we are making to Syrian refugees. The PM took questions from the House of Commons Liaison Committee before the House rose and addressed the issue of support for Syria refugees, and said:
"I think the British public back this sort of humanitarian aid action where you are saving lives, you're providing food and shelter, you're preventing people dying from exposure to diseases," he told MPs.

"I think they back it and so we should keep it up. We should use our leadership to leverage in money and resources from others."

The Prime Minister also urged young British people to stay away from the country, warning that those who went to there to help were at risk of radicalisation.

"I think some people think, 'Even if I go with a legitimate, or semi-legitimate sort of aid convoy, that that's okay'. But some of these are effectively being run by people who then get radicalised. So the best advice is to contribute to a legitimate charity rather than to travel there yourself," he said.

As someone who has met these refugees at the Nizip 2 Camp on the Euphrates River [in the picture behind me] I am certain we are doing the right thing.