Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Paxman rides off into the sunset with Boris

I love this picture! Two remarkable middle aged men riding off into the distance....
The story tells the full tale but a couple of the classics are:
Boris to Paxo:
In 2009, Johnson poked fun at Paxman’s “elephantine” salary and asked him: “Why don’t you get yourself a proper job instead of just sitting around telling politicians what to do all the time?”

In 2011, the pair locked horns again.

Paxman introduced Johnson as “Mayor of London, cyclist and hairdressers’ despair” before attempting to get the better of him in a grilling about his political ambitions.
"What’s the difference between you and David Cameron?” Paxman asked.
"Well, I’m Mayor of London and he’s Prime Minister. I’m older than him and considerably heavier."

The honest truth is that Newsmnight will not be the same without Paxo - he is the iconic TV journalist of his generation. Boris is just Boris.