Sunday, 29 June 2014

If Juncker is the answer then what is the European Question?

Is Jean Claude the man to bring reform to Europe? I fear not....
I have nothing against Jean Claude Juncker, the Luxembourg politician who is now head of the European Commission, but the reason why I support the Prime Ministers approach is simply this: this is not about the UK but about what is good for all of Europe. quite simply the PM has had the courage to say to the EU reform or struggle.

I remain strongly convinced that the PM is right to push for reforms of the European Union, to ensure greater jobs, competition and growth when battling the growing economies of India, Asia and the Far East. The EU does bring us the single market, and many benefits, but there are also drawbacks as we all know. And the fate of Europe is linked to the economies of the Southern European nations who are burdened with debt, unwilling to cut their public sector costs, uncompetitive, struggling to sell their exports and going backwards not forwards. There has been reform led by the PM- the successful change in the fishing rules and Regulations, that stopped discarding, are a good example of a reformed EU but we need to do more.
Tomorrow's statement by the PM in the commons at 3.30 will be worth watching.