Monday, 23 June 2014

Westminster this week

Credit Unions, Local banking, the living wage and apprenticeships dominate the week in Westminster. I am speaking at the local banking and credit union conference organised at 8.15 in the House of Lords, by the Church of England's Bishop of Birmingham on Tuesday, where we will be discussing how we can expand local credit unions and local banks to combat pay day lending and help poverty and fuel poverty generally.
We have debates on the Deregulation Bill, the Wales Bill and an opposition day debate on Wednesday afternoon, subject to be announced. I also have meetings with local constituents and work at the Home Office, along with an Immigration debate on Thursday, and the Subsea UK reception on Wednesday, with Osbit Power and PDL - both brilliant local companies based out of Riding Mill and Hexham.
There are several other debates I will also try and get in to but the diary is genuinely packed this week.