Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Campaigners lose right to die appeal in Supreme Court - but the judges say Parliament should act

My position on this issue and the need for reform is well known. I have yet to read the judgment but the BBC report is here:
I will post more on this issue when I have the chance to consider the many judgments. It is interesting that the BBC interpretation of the 9 Judges decision is: "its right-to-die judgement boils down to a single phrase directed at Parliament: Sort it out, or we will."
It then adds that:
"The Supreme Court argues that MPs have ducked the issue for too long - and it is time they, as our democratically-elected representatives, find the political backbone to amend the law on assisted suicide.

Lord Neuberger, the court's president, clearly finds current guidelines, whereby prosecutors consider criminal charges after a death, to be deeply unsatisfactory.
He proposes a transparent legal channel which would allow independent assessment of a patient's application to die. Lady Hale, an international authority on law and the family, is bolder, saying the ban breaches human rights."