Monday, 23 June 2014

Living Wage debate on BBC Radio Newcastle 8.05am tomorrow

Myself and Neil Foster of the TUC will be making the case for the Living Wage live on Newcastle Radio tomorrow morning and debating the issue with the BBC presenters. I will be at my desk in the House of Commons but live on the phone.
The final report of the Living Wage Commission is out tomorrow:
I am going to the launch event and discussion in the afternoon in central london.

The London Living Wage is £8.80

The UK Living Wage is £7.65

At the event we held in Newcastle on March 28th the number of companies paying the Living Wage in the North East was below 30 but the figure is growing month on month as we sell the message that this is good for business, and good for jobs as well as good for employees.
If you have not read it my article for the New Statesman on the Living Wage is here: