Sunday, 28 November 2010

UK Manufacturing

Many will remember that not long ago Jaguar was the sick man of the top end car market. Struggling to compete with its German rivals and accused of being old and tired things looked bleak and another another sad story for British manufacturing looked likely.

However now the car maker's sales are booming. Revenues up 43% in the last quarter, plans to close one of its UK plants scrapped, and, healthy looking profits for this financial year.

Amazingly Jaguar Land Rover is now also responsible for 14% of all UK exports to China. Recently executives from the company joined representatives from the UK Government on their trade mission to China. Jaguar Chief Executive Carl-Peter Forster recently said the UK's attitude towards manufacturing has 'changed markedly' - I certainly hope so. Developing a strong high tech manufacturing base is vital if we are create a more stable UK economy in the long term.

The Chief Exec went on: 'Education and advancing knowledge about the sector starts with the recognition that it is an important part of society. Ten years ago the UK thought it could do without it.'

Its a sentiment I couldn't agree with more and I will be pressing the Government to continue its positive steps in the right direction on UK manufacturing.