Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Shopping locally for fuel and oil - "Use it or Lose it"

Regular readers will know we have been campaigning for ages on fuel poverty generally and specifically on fuel prices, and its availability in rural areas. There is good news that locals are combatting fuel poverty by using oil buying clubs, and also that the governement is looking in the House of Commons, and through the OFT, to combat the Irish company DCC, who have tried to monopolise the market, and generally at regulating off grid fuel supply.
Full details of local activities in this weeks Hexham Courant:
The other issue is the price of petrol and the need to support local garages. Last Friday I popped into the Chollerford Garage and filled up. The owner there, along with the owners of other local garages I have talked to, is rightly frustrated that some local people are not using local petrol suppliers but are filling up at supermarkets or in Newcastle. As always, with local suppliers the key issue is "Use it or Lose it". I would urge everyone to shop locally - not just in local village shops but also local garages and fuel suppliers. If we do not support them they will not be there for us when we need them. For example - a local tourist trade without local garages would be massively affected. Make it one of your christmas resolutions - shop local in every way!