Monday, 29 October 2012

Church commissioners questions in the house of commons and the fate of Richard III

The confluence of church and state are the regular questions between members of parliament and the MP designated to answer questions in the House of Commons on behalf of the church. This MP is the cerebral Sir Tony Baldry. I frequently raise matters at this debate, which always takes place early on a Thursday morning, once a month. My particular concern for some twelve months has been the theft of metal, war memorials and roofing from the various churches I look after in Northumberland, and the wider north east. On Thursday of last week it was no different and I raised this point - seeking an update on the Scrap Metals Bill - which will make the stealing of scrap metal so much more difficult and thereby protect churches. However, the whole debate is always worth looking at.

During the debate Sir Tony was asked in detail about the proposed last resting place of the bones of Richard III - an issue that is exercising many Yorkists and Leicester folk. To know and understand the nature of these issues I would strongly recommend Quentin Letts hilarious report of the exchange in the Daily Mail, which is found here:

By way of an update I gather the Leicester community has won the day and, if it is indeed the king, he will be formally buried in Leicester Cathedral.