Saturday, 27 October 2012

Crime is down, even though budget savings have been made

The crime figures show reductions in the vast number of police areas - even as tough spending decisions have been taken. I spent this morning with our three excellent Police and Crime Commissioner candidates for the North East.  All were articulate, passionate about policing for their communities, and clear on their priorities. My local candidate is Phil Butler, from Heddon on the Wall. He is giving the labour lady from redcar the shock of her life, as Labour are realising they cannot take Northumbria for granted.
Phil gave a great speech today to over a hundred locals, before going off campaigning. He is not only a former DI but also a forensic accountant. He spoke well as to how he wanted resources deployed, and where further savings could be made and then directed to front line policing. Meanwhile the latest reductions in crime in the north east show that it is how you deploy your budget, not what the size of the budget is that counts. These principles have long applied in business, and it is good that the modern police force is doing the same.