Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Good meeting with the PM tonight

The top floor of the house has the committee rooms, and tonight Committee Room 14 saw the PM come and talk to MPs and answer questions. He made the point that we should not be afraid of talking up our successes in government which includes:
- cutting the deficit by a quarter
- Legislated for a benefits cap so no household receives more in benefits than the average family earns;
- Helped open more than 1000 new Academies;
- Seen almost 500,000 more people in work than this time last year;
- Changed the tax system to cut the income tax bills of more than 24 million workers;
- Cut net migration by a quarter;
- Protected the NHS budget, even at a time of tight spending;
- Helped thousands more patients access life-saving cancer treatment thanks to our Cancer Drugs Fund;
- Brought in the biggest-ever cash increase in the state pension;
- Froze fuel duty, meaning that families are saving an average of £159 compared to what they would have paid under Labour;
- Helped freeze Council Tax bills for the third year in a row; and
- Cut billions of pounds of Whitehall waste.

This is a very good start. There is more to be done, and many more achievements but it is worth setting out what the Coalition has done and is trying to do.