Thursday, 14 February 2013

Opposition to Green Belt Housing proposal in Ovingham

Recently, I went to see the proposed housing development in Ovingham. It is an application by the Duke of Northumberland's estate to build homes above Piper Road. Once again it is on designated green belt. The location of the site above Piper Road is on the side of farmland that is steep, wet and invariably prone to flooding. The drainage and sewerage system is not satisfactory, at present, let alone with a further 20 odd houses. I would also question the location generally. Representatives of Ovingham Parish Council / locals from piper road came to see me recently at a surgery. They were not clamouring for more housing, and they were most definitely not supporting the proposed housing in this place.
There are surely better places to put this housing, if a local need is demonstrated, in this village?
There is a western area partnership meeting in mid march to consider this issue, but any concerned resident should make sure they write to the County Council with their objections in the next month.