Saturday, 4 October 2014

Conference Awards - The Winners and Losers

Best Conference Speech:
David Cameron. His speech really did highlight why he is twice the Prime Minister Ed Miliband could ever be. You can watch a 3 minute highlight HERE

Best Prop:
Boris's brick. Enough said.

Best Policy Announcement:
The Conservatives pledge to increase the tax-free personal allowance from £10,000 to £12,500 – taking a million more people out of income tax altogether.

Best Conference Joke:
Boris, as ever, wins the award for best Conference speech joke. He told the hall on Tuesday - “That’s our new fisheries policy folks, first chuck Salmond overboard, and then eat the kippers for breakfast!"

Best Beer: 
A nice cool refreshing bottle of "Ballsberg" - "Probably not the best economist in the world."

Worst Conference Speech:
Ed Miliband. A man who people don't trust to runt he economy - and he forgets to mention the deficit?! Quite surreal. It's hard not to agree with Dan Hodges, who said in the Telegraph "I’m struggling to recall a conference season – or two leaders' speeches – that have so starkly drawn the dividing line between the two men, and parties, who seek to lead their country."