Thursday, 26 February 2015

Manchester NHS Devolution is first step towards proper integration of health and social care

The Chancellor and the local Labour Councils have come together to agree an integrated way forward for joined up healthcare locally in Manchester.
"This is what the NHS wants to see as part of its own future. And it's also about giving people in Manchester greater control over their own affairs in that city, which is central to our vision of the 'northern powerhouse'- so it's a very exciting development," he said.

The plan would see local leaders, and ultimately Greater Manchester's new directly elected mayor, control how budgets are allocated. The government hopes integrating health and social care services will ease pressure on hospitals and help to improve home care services for patients who need it.

A shadow Greater Manchester Health and Wellbeing board will be appointed, which will work closely with existing clinical commissioning groups of GPs. The board is expected to run from April, before control of the budget is handed over a year later.

Manchester City Council confirmed 10 local authorities, 12 clinical commissioning groups, 14 NHS partners, NHS England and the government are in discussions on a "ground-breaking agreement for health and social care".

The question for us in the North East is whether we can follow Manchester's lead? If we can then much more devolution will follow but they are several years and a lot more integrated than the NE Local Authorities.