Sunday, 26 July 2015

Why neither Labour leaders[T. Hunt] nor serious Conservatives [Hannan] want Corbyn as Labour leader

I genuinely do not want Jeremy Corbyn to become the far left leader of the Labour Party. Some may disagree, and enthusiastically embrace the Tories for Corbyn campaign but what I want is a credible Labour oppostion. Corbyn is not such a man and he is taking the Labour Party the way of Syriza.
Any dismayed Labour supporter should read Tristram Hunt's article from yesterdays paper:
The best bit of it is at the end: "Labour was felt not to be on the side of aspirational voters. We were regarded as the party of high welfare, lax immigration and big spending," before he adds:
"But Corbyn’s siren calls need to be resisted on grounds of political principle as well as political pragmatism. Of course, parties win from the centre ground when they are trusted with the public finances and have credible leadership. Yet with this Government spending £36 billion a year on debt interest repayments there is a good, progressive case for balancing the books rather than indulging in more reckless spending."

The Conservative argument aginst Corbyn is likewise well expressed by Dan Hannan:
the force of his argument is overwhelming.