Thursday, 16 July 2015

To be a Blairite is now the ultimate smear in the Labour Party

PMQs sometimes tells you a lot. As one commentator put it after yesterday's PMQs: "The Labour party is now so broken, so foaming and fitting it’s calling Harriet Harman a Tory."

Why? Because she is supporting the Conservative policy to limit child tax credits for new claimants.
The rest of the Labour party disagree with this position.

Nothing is worse right now to the Labour MPs than to be seen to be in any way centre ground, or to propose welfare reductions. To be "A Blairite" is to be the lowest of the low. Watching PMQs was genuinely painful yesterday. The support for Harriet Harman was minimal. The Labour leadership candidates are all briefing against her position. The attacks on Liz Kendall are remarkable as well.

You would think that Labour did not grasp it lost the election. It is reaching a situation where the next leader will make Ed Miliband look right wing!