Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Republicans and Trump deserve each other. I support Hillary Clinton for the USA President

The presidential election may sadly feature Donald Trump on the ticket, unless strange things happen at the Republican convention. The present republican alternative is not much better as Cruz is a pea in the same pod. The moderate and very capable candidates have not cut through. This is a shame. I like the look of John Kasich, who has actually run a state successfully in Ohio - see here: https://www.johnkasich.com/meet-john/
Or Rubio, who has failed to translate a ground up back story into a viable candidacy.

But the truth is that they have been drowned out by a Republican Party that is behaving like UKIP on steroids. Cruz and Trump are tapping into American fears, anger and popular nationalism in a way that will solve little. There are few easy choices as any MP, county councillor, or parish councillor will tell you, but this is not the way ahead.
But there is no question that across the world there is an anti everything campaign that is gaining traction - whether this is far right in the USA or France or far left in Greece and Spain. In my experience, the majority of the population are in the middle ground. For that reason I do not believe trump will win the presidency. He is also up against a formidable lady in the form of Hilary Clinton. She is well qualified for the job, having been an American lawyer, senator and foreign secretary.
She will have my support. She will do what she can to unite her country. Trump would divide it. I also think - as a former chairman of Women2Win - it will be a seminal moment for a woman to have the top job in the USA
The guardian take on her is here: