Sunday, 26 June 2016

Onwards and upwards - time to make the fresh start work

The people have spoken and we must accept the result. I wanted to remain in the EU, and campaigned hard locally, regionally and nationally on the issue, but fully accept the result. My job is to work day and night to make sure the country comes together, that the government gets on with the business of running the country, and we sort out the business of the renegotiation with the EU. This is going to take many years.
Locally, my job goes on and I have had a full Friday and Saturday of surgeries, attending the armed forces day, meeting with Wecan in Hexham, and attending the rural business conference at kirkley hall. Last night I went to a Conservative party event where the local members were coming together, sad for the loss of David Cameron as our Prime Minister, but ready to come together and make a fresh start. I will blog more on my time working for the PM in the fullness of time.

Tonight I head back to London for the start of the new week in Westminster, where the Westminster day job goes on. Again, I will blog more on next week in the next 24 hours but we have a full week in parliament.
Today I am in Prudhoe and Wylam knocking on doors with my friend Stuart Andrew MP. A week ago I wrote this article on today's events for conservative home: