Thursday, 12 January 2017

Meeting Northumbria Water at Kielder dam for further progress on the use of Kielder Reservoir for flood defence

Today I have a variety of meetings in Kielder, and Bellingham; but the key development is the progress made on flood prevention. This has been done by persuading the Environment Agency and Northumbria Water to lower the level of the reservoir to allow for water to be stored in the lower reservoir rather than cascading down the North Tyne, with all the flooding consequences.
More details are here:
The key passage from my report is this
"Kielder Reservoir. 
Flood alleviation will now start at 80% and more water will be released in the future, resulting in at least 6-7% more storage in the reservoir. This will be an ongoing operation and will also be assessed as it is being done"

I will also be visiting Kielder School, the Bellingham Sure Start, and meeting various teachers, councillors, governors and constituents. Looking forward to the day, albeit a bit nervous of the snow / gales and bad weather.