Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Copeland by election is turning into a referendum on #Corbyn and his nuclear views

The labour MP Jamie Reed is standing down. There are many reasons for this but his dismay at Corbyn and the direction of the Labour Party is well known. I was in Cumbria on Saturday knocking on doors in 3 separate villages and towns.
It is clear that Corbyns desire to get rid of nuclear power is a disaster on the Copeland doorsteps. But don't take my word for it.
This bizarre disavowal of his own leader from a local labour councillor in Sunday's Observer:

Whitehaven councillor Bill Kirkbride. “We’d have no economy (without nuclear) otherwise. But the general view on the doorstep regarding the leader is an issue without a doubt. If they bring up the issue of Jeremy’s attitude to nuclear, we have to tell them he doesn’t write party policy. He’s entitled to his private thoughts like any MP and councillor.”

The reality of course is that labour elected Corbyn as their leader and his anti nuclear power views are more than just his personal views! 
His views on everything else from his links to the IRA, Cuba, Hamas and his attitude to the army and the royal family are also irrelevant I suppose?
Of course not.

My fellow northern MP Andrew Stephenson has written this assessment of the Copeland by election